Is mediation helpful for divorce settlements?

Have you ever considered mediation as an aid in your divorce settlement? As Illinois residents know, the separation process can be difficult to resolve. If you have, there are a few things you should know about the mediation process for divorce matters.

A recent article explains that divorce mediation is for reasonable people who cannot resolve differences on their own. This is an out-of-court process that assists people with settling matters in a levelheaded way. Many people enjoy this method because there is very little involvement with the legal system. Nevertheless, mediation is still a structured process that minimizes the hostile environment that is normally present during settlement conversations. It emphasizes a non-confrontational atmosphere.

Mediation uses a neutral third party mediator to help the disputants reach a compromise in a very amicable way. The article emphasizes that mediators are not judges–they do not make decisions. This is because no one “wins.” Instead, parties reach their own resolutions with direction and guidance from the neutral. The mediator helps the parties communicate.

The source explains that mediation does not always work in the early stages of divorce. This is because parties tend to be emotional and impractical in the beginning. However, divorcing couples should consider mediation when the parties have calmed down and are ready to be civil.

Many people see mediation as a private, non-legal process. However, most mediation settlements still involve one or two attorneys. The attorneys can assist parties through the mediation. Also, one attorney must be hired so that the mediation agreement can be processed through the courts.

Mediation is not for all individuals dealing with a divorce. Nevertheless, it definitely saves more time and expense than a traditional court-based divorce. Therefore, if you are interested in exploring mediation for your divorce settlement issues, you may want to speak to an attorney. A lawyer can inform you about the details of the process.

Fatal car accident takes the lives of three young Georgia teens

Three families in Georgia are dealing with the loss of three boys who were killed in a car accident last week. Two of the boys died after the crash while the third clung to life in local Georgia hospital. But this past weekend he died from the traumatic brain injury sustained in the accident.

Car accidents can cause serious injuries to its victims. Sometimes it is unclear why the accident occurred in the first place. But in this particular situation, a woman was arrested in connection with the accident and the three boys’ deaths.

The three boys had been walking down the highway in an emergency lane when the woman struck all three of them with her vehicle. The accident occurred in the evening and law enforcement and emergency personnel had to close down the highway in order to investigate the incident.

It appears that the woman had been under the influence of prescription drugs and had been on her cell phone when she struck the three boys. As a result, she was charged with several criminal charges as well as several traffic violations.

But this information is likely of little comfort to the families of the victims. While there may be some justice in knowing that the woman is being held responsible for her actions, a conviction will not bring the three boys back to life. Her negligence has robbed the three boys of their futures, taking them away from their loved ones forever.

There is no information as to whether the families of the victims will pursue any compensation by filing a civil claim. However when a victim’s life is taken because of the negligence of another, the victim’s family can pursue a wrongful death lawsuit. Compensation will not reverse what happened but it can help the family move forward.

Traumatic Brain Injuries, Part 8: Diagnosing Vestibular Dysfunction

Today our post will discuss the various diagnostic tests used to identify Vestibular Dysfunction. There are four main categories of diagnostic tests that I want to talk about. The first two are Electronystagmography and Videonystagmography. Next is Rotational Chair Testing, and there is also Dynamic Postureography. Let’s take a moment and talk about each of those in order.

Electronystagmography (ENG) is a diagnostic test that records involuntary movements of the eye caused by nystagmus. It can also be used to diagnose the cause of vertigo, dizziness or balance dysfunction by testing the vestibular system. By looking at how the eye is moving in relation to data that is provided through an electrode attached around the nose, Electronystagmography gives us an objective way to test for a vestibular dysfunction.

Another test is Videonystagmography. This is a very different kind of test. Videonystagmography (VNG) is a technology for testing the inner ear and the central motor functions of the brain, a process known as Vestibular Assessment. It involves infrared goggles which trace eye movements during visual stimulation and changes in position. Videonystagmography can help determine whether a patient or client’s dizziness is caused by a problem with the inner ear, such as benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, as opposed to some other cause such as low blood pressure, anxiety or other types of issues.

Another diagnostic tool is the Rotational Chair Test. During the rotational chair test, the chair is rotated several times, followed by a sudden stop to analyze the post rotaring nystagmus of the patient. The test measures the dizziness, the nystagmus, while slowly being turned in a chair that rotates back and forth. Rotational Chair Testing is usually ordered in addition to the ENG and VNG testing mentioned above. This is done to confirm a diagnosis and to increase accuracy. The tests determine if the semi-circular canals of the inner ear are working properly. ENG and VNG tests by themselves may be falsely positive or falsely negative if not administered properly. Rotary Chair Testing is not affected by mechanical obstructions of the ear, like ear wax, the way ENG and VNG testing may be.

The next test is a Dynamic Postureography. Postureography is a term that relates and covers all the different techniques used to try to measure postural control in a person’s upright stance in either static or stationary or dynamic moving condition. How does Postureography work? Static Postureography is done by having the person in a standing position on a fixed platform that has the instrumentation that is going to measure the patient, connected to sensors which are able to detect tiny movements of the body. Dynamic Postureography is different from Static Postureography, generally because it uses a special machine with a moveable, horizontal platform. As the patient makes small movements, the varying information transmits in real time to a computer.

Those are the various diagnostic tests used to examine a person who may suffer from Vestibular Dysfunction. As you can see, each test measures vary discreet small movements overall, whether they be of the eyes, the body, the different muscles, or the different aspects of our movement in space. All of these tests help determine what is really happening in the body at a level that we may not otherwise notice or be able to identify.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this series on Traumatic Brain Injuries.  For more information and additional resources on this topic, please visit the Online Traumatic Brain Injury Resource Center located at our website,

Some scary statistics about motorcycle accidents: Part I

We often write about the various hazards Sacramento residents encounter on our roads and highways. It doesn’t matter whether you travel on four wheels, two wheels or on foot; everyone is at risk of getting injured or killed in a car accident.

But does this mean that every traveler has an equal risk? The answer is a resounding “no,” according to government statistics. In fact, a report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) reveals that in the event of a crash, a motorcyclist is 30 times more likely to be killed than someone traveling in a car.

This sobering figure is based on analysis of motorcycle accident statistics from 2010. That year, just over 4,500 riders were killed in crashes, while another 82,000 suffered injuries. The GAO estimates that the combined costs of these accidents reached $16 billion.

As large as that sum is, it doesn’t tell the whole story because the estimate only accounts for direct costs from injuries and fatalities. The financial consequences of a car or motorcycle accident may last for years and cannot always be accurately measured. For instance, accident victims may suffer financial losses related to:

  • The costs of long-term medical care and rehabilitation
  • Changes in employment, including unpaid leave and the loss of a job
  • Changes in living status

These significant financial costs are just one of the many reasons that motorcycle accident victims should speak with a personal injury attorney if they feel that their accident was caused by a negligent driver.

Beyond this, however, the GAO report shows just how hazardous the roads are for motorcyclists. Check back later this week as our motorcycle injury attorneys discuss ways to reduce the prevalence of motorcycle accidents, as well as ways to make such accidents less fatal.

Bus Accidents around Oregon

Bus accidents were in the headlines this week. A school bus collided with a pick-up truck on Monday, and a chartered bus struck a disabled semi early Thursday morning. Oregon officials reported only minor injuries to the people involved in the school bus crash. Far from Portland, five of 41 people injured in the other accident remain hospitalized and were retaining their respective Portland car accident lawyers.
Oregon State Police issued citations to the occupants of the pick-up. The driver, 86, was attempting to turn around when the bus ran into his vehicle. Officers cited him for violation of a traffic control device. His passenger, a 35-year-old woman, was cited for having an open container of alcohol in the truck.
Both occupants of the truck sustained minor injuries. The driver and two passengers of the bus — ages 13 and 18 — were also injured.
The charter bus was traveling west on Interstate 80 around 2 a.m. Thursday when it struck a disabled tractor trailer blocking all westbound lanes of traffic.
Officials reported that the driver of the semi had drifted into the median, overcorrected and flipped onto its side. Another semi was unable to avoid the overturned truck. It clipped the first truck and came to rest in a ditch.
The bus followed the second semi into the fray. The bus hit the median after it ran into the first truck.
Emergency personnel transported the injured to a nearby medical center. A hospital spokesperson said 30 people were treated for minor injuries and released. Five people, including the bus driver and the driver of the first truck, were admitted. The hospital representative did not identify the patients by name but said that one was in critical condition, one in serious condition and the rest in fair condition.
Officials said the bus driver had 10 years of experience. In her seven years with this company, she has driven 824,000 miles without an accident.
The company has a clean safety record. The bus itself is new. Regulations require all commercial buses to have seat belts, as this one did, but passengers are not required to buckle up.

Dump Truck Accident in NJ

A New Jersey motor vehicle accident between a dump truck and a school bus has claimed the life of a New Jersey girl and left her two sisters critically injured. The motor vehicle accident victims are triplets and the daughters of a New Jersey State Police trooper. The triplets were among 17 victims of the tragic bus and truck accident.
The bus and truck accident was reported shortly after 8:00 a.m. Thursday. Law enforcement says that 25 students were aboard the school bus when the bus crossed into intersection along Route 528 at Old York Road. The intersection has a red blinking light on Old York road. A dump truck, traveling on Route 528 drove through an amber blinking light at that intersection and slammed into the school bus on the driver’s side of the bus, near the rear of the bus.
The bus spun upon impact and was hurled into a utility pole, which embedded itself into the left side of the bus.
The dump truck careened of the bus and came to a stop in a grassy area along Route 528. Emergency responders used a nearby house as a makeshift triage center to evaluate the condition of the truck and bus accident victims.
Authorities say that 17 of the 25 students aboard the bus were injured and required hospitalization at multiple hospitals after the wreck. Nine students were treated at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital-Hamilton. Authorities say that one of the injured was released Thursday afternoon.

Fatal accident on Route 22 in White Creek in Upstate New York

On Jan. 22, 2012, there was a tragic, fatal accident on Route 22 in White Creek in Upstate New York. A 35-year-old Hoosick Falls man and his 30-year-old wife were involved in a crash with a pickup truck, and police say that the man was drunk and crossed into the wrong lane. The man was injured and his wife was killed. When he was taken to a Vermont hospital for treatment, a sample of his blood was sent to a forensic lab for testing, and the results indicated that his blood alcohol content was .17 percent.
Washington County charged the man with vehicular manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide and reckless endangerment. Now, his DUI lawyer in Bellingham have renewed a motion to suppress that blood test because the blood sample was not properly preserved — and improperly preserved blood can actually ferment and produce alcohol.
The defense has a powerful ally in its quest to show that the blood test results may be inaccurate — a long-term forensic pathologist from the Albany County Coroner who has testified for the prosecution in numerous homicide cases.
All of the charges against the Hoosick Falls man depend on the assumption that he was driving drunk at the time of the crash, and it is unlikely that the prosecutor can prove intoxication if the blood test is found to have been botched. There is another blood sample that may not have been ruined, however, and the defense merely seeks to have that sample tested as well.
According to the forensic pathologist, the proper procedure for preserving and stabilizing blood samples for DWI testing is to add a preservative — in this case, sodium fluoride potassium oxalate. When that has been added, standard procedure is to put a gray cap on the blood vial. None of the samples in this case had gray caps when they were sent to the State Police laboratory.
“Based on the evidence currently possessed by the defense, there are serious questions as to the reliability of the blood alcohol test generated by the New York State Police laboratory,” the pathologist wrote in his affidavit in support of the defense.
Despite the possibility of a serious miscarriage of justice and the availability of another, unspoiled blood sample, the Washington County District Attorney’s Office opposes the defense motion.
The Hoosick Falls man has pled not guilty and is currently free on bail until his trial, which has reportedly been scheduled for March 4.

Florida Mortgage Loan Modification and Foreclosure Attorney

A Florida home loan adjustment is a superb option open to individuals who are struggling to make their home loan repayments. If you’ve currently defaulted on the mortgage or consider you will shortly, a loan modification can adjust your loan’s terms, saving you and rendering it easier to pay your mortgage off. Loan changes should be arranged with your bank so it is extremely important to work well with a law firm who are able to help you realize the conditions of the modification and counsel you on how to proceed. A Florida foreclosure attorney may be able to help you get a loan modification. A loan modification can be beneficial in many ways. A loan modification in Florida can reduce your interest rate, reduce your monthly payments, and make it easier to keep your home at a time when losing your home could be disastrous to both you and your family. A Florida foreclosure attorney may be able to help you make ends meet by helping you attain a loan modification.

Additionally, there’s a national mandate for most lenders to at least critique nearly all their loans for change possibility.

If some of the following aspects connect with you, you must contact today on your Free Consultation and find out exactly how we might help you.

If your house is worth less than the amount you so are STRUGGLING to produce your fee and owe.
If you have/are planning to fall behind on your mortgage.
If you are being foreclosed.
If you have an adjustable-rate mortgage that adjusted greater amortization or an interest, simply and you cannot afford the new higher payment.
Mortgages are altered to the borrower in even more or one single of these ways’ benefit:

Decrease in even a change from a floating into a fixed rate, or in how a floating rate is calculated, or interest rate
Lowering of key
Decrease in late fees or other penalties
Lengthening of the loan period
Capping the payment per month to a percent of family income
Mortgage forbearance plan
The debtor may be current, late, in default, in bankruptcy, or in foreclosure at that time the applying for modification is created. The plans available will change accordingly.

International Divorce Dissolution

International divorce lawyer concerns to begin with, but when international laws are the main matter it involves knowledgeable representation and might become a lot more complex. In handling overseas divorces and dissolutions in the, we’re well-versed.

Your agency is committed to providing exceptional manifestation, including carefully trying to explain to our customers every solution available underneath the applicable legislation to them. We’re here to help you through this hard moment and we are generally available to answer your questions. In case you have dissolution issue or a worldwide divorce, please contact our office to schedule a free session at our Worthington, Kansas workplace.

You will find overseas regulations and plans that utilize as well, although international divorces are not only subject to the guidelines of the party surviving in Iowa. You’ll find guidelines that oversee the divorce procedure if one spouse resides abroad at that time the breakup is submitted. If you can find kids required, the Standard Custody Jurisdiction Act (UCCJA), the Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act (PKPA) and also the Global Child Abduction Remedies Act (ICARA) may use.

Your attorneys not just have expertise coping with these dilemmas, but we could help you to the simplest way to take care of debt percentage and house team as well as any bankruptcy issues that are presented in this framework. Our divorce attorney in Columbus, Ohio runs divorces within our office and brings for the table over 30 years of expertise.

Not merely are our attorneys well-versed in international regulations, we maintain currently on case-law that is relevant and present activities that relate with divorce issues. We also talk to international law experts when an overseas divorce reaches issue when required. We could also help you having a military divorce that has global participation. Your goal is always to provide sound legal services to you to aid solve dissolution issues and all of your worldwide divorce.

We respond swiftly by mail or telephone to you personally. We make sure that you get copies of all documents registered with all the courtroom or words sent for you. We maintain comprehensive case records and we typically promote one to preserve documents similar to ours, so you can easily maintain present about the advancement of your event. Contact our Columbus, Iowa divorce attorneys today to begin with.

New Bankruptcy Law Changes

Tyler, TX New Bankruptcy Laws Attorney

Together with the many headlines and horror tales concerning the bankruptcy law modifications, anxieties and several beliefs have been formulated about filing for bankruptcy. Set your worries to help ease and we’re below to answer your bankruptcy questions. We’ve over 20 years of experience that is appropriate and are incredibly familiar with how processing for bankruptcy affects. Contact our Texas Bankruptcy Code attorney to get a free initial consultation in Tyler.

Contact Your Bankruptcy Law Attorney in Tyler, TX
Can Me Affect?

Yes, the bankruptcy regulations did modify. Nevertheless, this does not mean that a person can’t file for bankruptcy. It basically ensures that there are certainly a few challenges to overcome when processing. As experienced Tx bankruptcy lawyer, we support customers in operating through any setbacks that arise while processing for bankruptcy and describe how their event may affect. For example:

It’s harder to be eligible for a Page 7 bankruptcy membership
A person filing for Part 13 bankruptcy could be required to pay a larger proportion of your debt back in a payment plan
Previously, a bankruptcy would cause payments to your 401k plan could end; now, the funds must continue
Each debtor processing for bankruptcy should now have a briefing using an authorized credit counseling company
It’s possible to have to delay a short timeframe to file for bankruptcy so the past six months pay correctly displays the person’s recent financial predicament (without bonuses or without a job)
Filing For Bankruptcy

For over 20 years, our bankruptcy lawyers have helped customers file for Page 13 of the Bankruptcy Code or bankruptcy under Section 7. We have discovered the need may result after months of struggling or for bankruptcy may occur quite instantly. Many bankruptcies, nevertheless, have developed out from the following:

A significant illness or disability inside the family that has abruptly caused significant debt that is medical
A sudden lack of a job and contributing revenue
A substantial decrease in pay
An unfortunate divorce
Uncontrollable personal credit card debt

For many people, lacking auto payment, a residence payment, credit card payment or other payment is not a selection. We understand that several elements that are important can result in a financial situation that is suddenly difficult, rendering it difficult to maintain on your own bills. We can support. We have the empathy to know your situation along with the expertise to work through it. Contact our Tyler mortgage payment lawyer for a free initial consultation.

Your attorneys recognize that though there were modifications to bankruptcy regulations, the necessity to get a bankruptcy nonetheless greatly exists. A pay cut, or have been overwhelmed by debt, or possibly a bad divorce whether you have experienced a job loss, a bankruptcy could possibly offer comfort. For experienced assistance, please contact our Colorado bankruptcy laws lawyer that is new today. We offer a totally free initial session.